Only DUES-PAID members of Mensa India may transfer their membership within India or internationally. Thus if your dues are unpaid, please pay them BEFORE requesting a transfer.

For transfers within chapters of Mensa India or to another Mensa outside India, members are not required to take the entrance test again. While within India, NO payment of fees is required again, outside India, fees may be required to be paid if requested by the destination Mensa.
A member may not take membership at more than one national Mensa. Therefore a person may transfer membership out of Mensa India for the period of residence outside India and later transfer back when returning to India. Generally a transfer is recommended if the change in residence out of India is more than 6 months. For a duration less than 6 months, a guest membership may be requested, if available, with the destination Mensa.

All transfers requests within, into and out of India may be made to the central office of Mensa India.