How to Join

An aspirant above the age of 14 years wishing to join Mensa India may follow the procedure below.

1. Appear for the supervised Mensa India Entrance Test. This is conducted in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai currently.

2. Once found eligible in the above test, one can submit an application form (provided by Mensa India) and other documents and pay the membership fees.

3. One may reappear for the entrance test IF the result letter specifically invites the aspirant after the date mentioned on the letter.

4. Currently Mensa India Entrance Tests for aspirants in the 10-14 year age-group are conducted in Pune and Delhi only. Mensa India does NOT test applicants below the age of 10 years for Mensa membership.

5. Please contact your nearest Chapter from the CHAPTERS link for knowing the next test date and procedure for registration in that location.

6. In case no chapter exists in your location, there is a required prepaid registration of at least 100 persons willing to take a test at a decided time and place. In such a case, an entrance test may be conducted after prior arrangements are suitably made. Please contact the Central Office regarding the same.