Special Interest Groups (SIGs)

Mensa SIG - Technology

SIG Co-ordinator Name and a brief intro: Shreya Gupta is a second year student pursuing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering from IGDTUW. Hailing from New Delhi, she enjoys music along with singing and dancing. A passion for learning about the new technological innovations and presenting her ideas to the world is what inspires her the most.

Objectives of the SIG:
The idea is to bring together all like-minded, technology-enthusiast Mensans and learn more about the various fields of technology, through each other's experiences, and share knowledge on various topics, identify problems with new innovations and their respective solutions.

The members can form subgroups (region-wise) and get to know each other better, for example people from South Delhi can meet at one place for the SIG meets. The SIG members are expected to meet biweekly (once in two weeks) and discuss the current advancements in the field of technology and debate upon the existence of such technology being a boon or bane and how it can affect lives. If possible the members can also group together to attend various conferences and meets, on any scientific or technological innovation, and further enhance their understanding of the respective field.
This SIG mainly targets all the people already working in some field of science who can help in learning about the possibilities of how, when and whether the proposed solutions for the problems can be effectively implemented or not. This information could be shared on the google group to get in touch with more people from other cities and have thorough discussions on the same.

Information about how to join and how to stay a member:
The link to the google group for this SIG: mensa-sig-technology@googlegroups.com
To become a member drop a mail at shreya.19950@gmail.com along with your membership number, but to stay a member your membership shouldn't have expired.

AstroSIG (Amateur Astronomy)

Name and a little about the coordinator: Ravi Shroff, a chemical engineer, is an astronomy enthusiast since 1999. He enjoys observing deep sky objects. He owns a telescope and binoculars. He is holds a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering and masters degree in chemistry. His other interests include finance, investments, strategy, adventure sports, among others.

Objectives of AstroSIG:

Learn about the wonders of the night sky through observation field trips


The typical observation season around Mumbai is from November to March, as these months offer clear skies. AstroSIG will aim to meet for field trips ‎during observing season and for special sky events like comet viewing.

To join the group email on ravi.shroff@gmail.com

Lensa (Amateur Photography)